For those of you wondering what my kit bag looks like and what kind of gear I'm using for work then you are in the right place. This setup is my usual Fuji Gear for weddings and almost anything else I do, there are links to blogs about individual pieces of gear and a bit of why I've chosen this setup, enjoy.

This kit is what I started using in the start of my 2019 season, before that I was on Nikon D610.

2 Fujifilm XT-3 Bodies - Fantastic, fast cameras, duel SD card slots is a must for me now, I'll shoot any event on two 64gb Lexar UHS-ii cards on backup mode and compressed RAW [which gets about 2400 frames]. Flip out screen is incredibly useful, focus is fast. IBIS is just incredible, for both video and low light stills, the grip makes holding the cameras all day much more comfortable and the leaf spring shutter is just a delight. I've moved to only using genuine Fuji batteries [NP-W126S] of which I have 4, this can get me through a full wedding.

Nissin i40 Flash - Small flash unit, great for me as I don't use flash much at all, only for dancing. It's nice and quick to cycle and the size/weight fits well with the fuji form factor. It would be nice if it didn't bend in half so it could slide into a pocket a bit easier, so I may upgrade to the Godox system in the future. 


23mm 1.4 - A solid all round lens, my go to focal length for most things. I'd be happy to shoot a full day on just this lens.

56mm 1.2 -  When I do need a bit of reach this lens is just great, fantastic in low light, great subject separation, again an all round fantastic lens, sometimes a little slow to focus in low light, but then it's a massive bit of glass.